Leading Life Science Technology Company InTouchMD Announces Rebrand as Pulse Health

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New brand reflects Pulse Heath’s long-term commitment to being hyper-focused on the Pulse family of life science technologies and solutions.


InTouchMD, the leading provider of cloud-based technology and services for the life science industry, announced that it will change its name to Pulse Health effective September 25th. The new corporate brand demonstrates Pulse Health’s long-term commitment to providing pharmaceutical companies a single partner for engagement and intelligence.

Founded in 2014, InTouchMD quickly evolved into the premiere destination for life science companies taking a brand to commercialization or looking to amplify an existing brand.

Pulse Health achieved industry recognition with its Pulse CRM platform. Pulse CRM is a first of its kind SaaS based technology combining marketing automation, robust HCP digital persona pages, email marketing, analytics/insights, and healthcare CRM on a brand by brand level. Beyond its core offerings, Pulse CRM integrates with external platforms to provide the client with a real-time 360 view of how the brand is performing.

“This name change marks a major step forward in our efforts to provide strategy and focus around the Pulse brand,” said Ryan Alovis, Chief Executive Officer of Pulse Health. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as InTouchMD and confident that that this will only help strengthen our mission of being a best-in-class life science solutions company.”

Pulse Health is committed to bringing effective solutions to an industry that is plagued with inefficiencies ranging from disparate data sources, to the reliance of multiple single-feature industry general platforms, absentee client support, or the inability to access actionable data in real-time.

It’s been a banner year for Pulse Health as they recently sponsored Digital Pharma East, where their CEO led an expert panel on HCP omnichannel engagement. Additionally, they launched Pulse Insights, a powerful analytics extension to Pulse CRM which provides its pharmaceutical partners with a visually stimulating and digestible view of the brands marketing performance.

For more information about Pulse Health, visit https://pulsehealth.tech/

About Pulse Health

Pulse Health (formerly InTouchMD) is the industry leader in cloud-based engagement software and services for the life science industry. Powering a brands journey from launch to life. Pulse Health’s suite of products range from Pulse CRM, Pulse Sample Management, Pulse Data Access, Pulse Insights, and Pulse MCM Tactics. At the heart of Pulse Health is Pulse CRM, an award-winning, all-in-one customizable engagement solution for all HCP, Patient and Caregiver communication efforts – deploying the brands messaging while providing actionable data in real-time.

Pulse Health Launches Pulse Insights, Offering Clients Key Learnings to Better Understand Their HCP’S

pulse insights

Pulse Insights enables pharmaceutical companies to better understand their data across their marketing efforts and reveal rich insights to make smarter decisions, create better physician experiences and amplify innovation.

GARDEN CITY, N.Y., Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —  Pulse Health , the leader in physician and patient engagement solutions, today announced the launch of Pulse Insights, a robust analytics solution that provides its Pulse subscribers with meaningful insights surrounding their brands physician engagement.

Pharma marketers are facing a rapidly changing industry landscape, as physicians are becoming increasingly challenging to reach. As of May 2017, 100% of U.S. pharma marketers use email marketing, coupled with the fact that according to the American Medical Group Association, physician turnover is at its highest rate since the organization began tracking the data in 2005.

The high usage of email marketing and fluid HCP job market are just two of the catalysts for the need to empower and enlighten pharmaceutical brands.

” Pulse Health ‘s Pulse platform has long been the cloud-based industry leader for pharmaceutical brands looking to reach, engage and understand their HCP’s,” said Ryan Alovis, CEO of Pulse Health . “By offering our Pulse subscribers access to Pulse Insights, it’s further cementing our commitment in supercharging our clients to see and understand physician data.”

Data is the foundation of every digital transformation, and Pulse Insights will be able to enable pharmaceutical companies to tap into data across their marketing efforts and surface deeper insights to make smarter decisions, drive intelligent, connected physician experiences and accelerate innovation.

This has been a banner year for Pulse Health as it ts Pulse platform was recently voted by PM360 as “The Most Innovative Product in Healthcare”.

Additionally, Pulse Health which will soon be re-branding to Pulse Health, will be sponsoring the upcoming Digital Pharma East. Digital Pharma is taking place September 17th to September 20th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

For more information on Pulse Health and Pulse, visit www.pulsehealth.techhttp://www.explorepulse.com

ABOUT Pulse Health

Pulse Health is the industry leader in cloud-based engagement software and services for the life science industry. They develop powerful technologies and solutions for the full range of life science companies – from clinical to commercial. At the core of Pulse Health is Pulse Marketing, an all-in-one cloud-based HCP and patient engagement platform. Pulse helps the life science industry more effectively reach their target. Pulse is multi-purpose: centralized database, predictive modeling, marketing automation, lead scoring, sophisticated segmentation, tactical execution, CRM, advanced analytics via Pulse Insights, and real-time reporting/tracking of all engagement. In addition to Pulse, Pulse Health provides life science partners with the highest quality HCP and patient data via Pulse Data Access. For more information on Pulse, click here.